Friday, August 29, 2014

Bedroom Writing

Here is my room it is very cool and small. It is dark because my bedroom is down in are basement. But it is kind of nice cause it is quiet down there because my mom and dad watch tv when we go to bed. My room is a husker room. Cause I like the huskers so much. I have a husker blanket, a husker calendar, a husker chair, husker stickers, and even tickets to husker games I have gone to. I have a lot of medals. I have color run medals, fun run medals, and wrestling medals. All of the medals I have are hanging on my mirror. It is a very big mirror and it is connected to my dresser. My dresser has a lot of stuff on it.

My bed is a queen size bed. On the side of my bed is a tall lamp and on the other side I have a night stand. It has a alarm clock on it and a lamp but i do not use it a lot. My bedroom is small but has a lot of stuff in it. I have a flat screen tv in my room. straight across my bed is my closet it is small. It has christmas stuff on one side and the other are clothes. So that is some stuff about my bedroom.