Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

It is Dot day. If you do not know what it is it is when you show your creativity. It is on September 15. You can make any dot you want. You can even do big dots small dots and medium dots. So make your dot today. If you do not you need to wait next year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Unforgettable school day

When I got to school today I heard that my friends are going to the basketball game. I asked them when is it and were is it. They told me so I was so exited when they did. so I needed to wait till school is over to ask my dad.
School is over I am waiting for my mom to pick me up so I can ask her. When she got there I asked but she said I need to ask my dad. So I needed to wait longer to ask him. I could not wait I really wanted to go once it got to 5 p.m. he got home. 
Once he got home I asked him and he said maybe and he took a shower. so I needed to wait for him to do that. Then when he was down he needed to eat but he was pretty hungry so I let him.When he was done I ask him and he said yes.
So we went there and I sat with my dad for a while. I was nervous to find my friends. Then I saw my friends so I asked my dad if I could go and he said yes. So I went and I had fun. When the game was over we went home.

Once we got home I took a shower and went to bed. But when I was done taking a shower I told my dad thanks and said I had fun. So that is my unforgettable school day. So I do not need to be nervous about it. I was nervous because I did not know the older kids.