Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost Story

Ghost Story

            Way back in 1920 there was a ghost at OHS. No one knew there was a ghost there till 1920. The ghost’s name is Mr. Spooky he turns colors but certain colors like white green and transparent. The colors have feelings. White is a feeling of relaxing and having fun. Green is his scaring color, he loves to scare people, even little children. When he turns transparent is if someone sees him so he can go away quickly. He is a pretty big ghost he is bold. He loves to be spooky and mean he can be a pig at eating sometimes but the food goes right through him. He has a pet ghost it is a dog, named Jake. Jake is white all the time because he is a happy dog. His nose is red and it glows but no one knows how his nose got to be glowing. The dog is very tiny.                                                                                                                  When it is school time everybody is ready to learn till they here noise. They have no idea what the noise is coming  from. They here slamming lockers and the lights are flickering. Mr. Spooky loves to scare people and that is what he is doing right now. Everybody has no idea what is going on except the teachers. They do not want to tell them or they will not come back to school. Then in classrooms papers are falling and books. There was fog when he goes into a classroom to scare them even more and it works. When he gets close to the door green slim goes through the door. When he goes over a kid slim starts dripping on them. In his mean time he practice scaring so he can be even better at it Plus he sleeps.                                                                                                                                                So that is the OHS ghost no one knows what he looks like. S0 that is scary what does he looks like no one will know Except him and his dog. That is all what the ghost of OHS does everyday.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Halloween feast

            THE HALLOWEEN FEAST           

            I am sitting with my friends at long, long table. The table is floating to it has legs but it goes down when everybody is done eating. The castle “Hogwarts” is decorated is has pumpkins, bats, black cats, skeletons, spider webs and spiders, Witches, and ghost but there are many, many more things I could see and here but I here thunder and lightning. So that is some of the decorations I see. It is very loud every body is talking to each other. So now the head teacher stands up and quiets everybody down. He says something weird like “ Beep boom crash mmm.” Then I look down and see that there was food on our plates. There was not any food on are plates before until he said those words. So everybody started to eat and eat and eat. Until they were full. There were Steak, fries, pop, chicken wings, burgers, eyes, pigs, hot dogs and many more. I could go on forever. When everybody was done eating the super went away and the deserts appeared. The deserts looked good. There were ice cream, cake, fudge, m and ms, cheesecake, floats, cookies, and cup cakes. So the food was delicious I thought. So when everything settled the head teacher announced that there were games. Everybody was happy even I was very happy. There was Hide and seek, broom racing, wand battle, swimming, a dance, quidditch, and best to top the Halloween Feast is a bonfire. The fire was big and warm. It was as big as a bush. We got to tell spooky stories around it. Some were scary some were funny and some were not so good. So when we were done telling stories and the fire has gone out everybody went to bed and had a good night sleep. So I had fun at the feast we got to do a lot of stuff. I am glad I went to the Halloween Feast.