Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrostic poem

Sweating all the time
pushing through the tiredness
out run your opponents
reach your goal of winning
try as hard as you can
stay with it and go hard

Name Poem

 It means Athletic, Strong, Active
It is the number 23
It is like a clear sky
It is going on vacations with my family
it is the memory of my dad
Who taught me respect and honesty
when he talks to me when we go somewhere
My name is Braxton
It means to just try something even if your scared

Monday, November 24, 2014


The blind kids never stopped climbing the mountain. They had strength to climb it and they believed in there selves. In real life I do not quit, I keep on trying and trying, like how they did not stop because they are blind.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

            American Freedom
Freedom is good, we honor the soldiers that fought for our country and the soldiers that are fighting now.  We honor it like the 4th of July and the parades, the eagle, and the right to bare arms. So I am going to talk about the 4th of July and the parades, the eagle, and the right to bare arms.
            So my first paragraph is about the 4th of July and the parades. Those things make us honor our soldiers. We have fun with those things like the 4th of July we light fireworks like the guns or cannons going off.  And that is when the U.S.A became a state. The parade is when they drive in their cars and throw out candy, but that is when we respect them and honor them for what they do.
            My 2nd paragraph is about the eagle. The eagle is a big bird like our state. It is a very strong bird and it is like the U.S, it shows that we are strong like the bird. The bird is a beautiful bird like our state. Our state is like those three things it is like our bird. So that is why it is our countries bird.
            My 3rd paragraph is about the right to bare arms. That law is made so we can have guns of our own. They trust us to have those kinds of guns, they trust us not to do stuff bad, but some people do it any way.  They still trust us even if people do that stuff.

            My conclusion is why we do 4th of July and the parades and we honor the bird and right to bare arms. So this is why we honor are veterans and respect them. So if you see a veteran, respect them.