Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I want to go to college

                       By: Braxton Stauffer
Every Saturday I watch the huskers come out of the tunnel and I have thought that is would be so fun. If I was out there wearing the red and white yelling and having so much fun. That is my number 1 dream to play for the Huskers. Every time I think about I want to do when I am out of high school I think of playing for the huskers. A lot of my family members support me to play husker football. But they say I need to have good grades to play and go to UNL. I am not very good at school but I try my best to get good grades. A lot of my family members have gone to college. Some of  my cousins are in college right now and they say it is fun. Why I want to go to college is to get a good education and get a good job, and play for the huskers. If that does not work out I would go to UNK or Wayne state college. If playing for the husker wont work I would want to be a P.E. teacher and a football or basketball coach. I love sports. I try to go out for every sport I can.

My 1st goal is to play for the huskers I love to watch the huskers and it is my number 1 dream. My 2nd goal in the future is being a P.E. teacher because I love to play and do sports. Be a Football or Basketball coach like I said I love sports and teach other kids to play and have fun. I want to go to college to get a good education and a good job. I want to have a nice family with 2 kids and help them to get a good education. So those are some of my big goals in my life I have way more but I am not going to list them. 

How education will help me reach my goals is a good question. So I can go to a good college Get a very good education of course. Get a very nice house and have a good future I do not want to have a bad future that is my least goal or it is not a goal for me. To get nice cars not old and bad cars live a nice life because education will help me a lot to have a good life. Because if I do not have a good education my life wont be a good life.

I have a lot of people that supports me. Definitely my parents they are the number 1 people that supports me. My family the 3 colleges I want to go to. The huskers because I really want to play for them but I need good grades to play. Since the huskers support me it makes me work harder in school and at sports. 

So this is why I want to go to college is to play for the huskers and be a P.E. teacher, basketball, or football coach. Have a good education and to go to a good college.