Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration of my dad

When I think about my dad I think of a fun, loving, husker fan, and a manager. He inspires me because he is all of those things, plus he is my dad. When I was a kid I wanted to help him wherever he goes and I all ways wanted to be with him, that is how much he inspires me.
            What did my dad do when he was a kid, well he did so many things. He loved to ride his bike, play outside, play in his sandbox, using his imagination, playing with his friends, and his most favorite is playing on wood piles and making forts out of them. When he was in school he played football he loved football. He looked up to his grandfather Gerhard Mommson.
            He is happy now and has advice to others. He is happy because he has a loving family and has 2 kids. My dad has a very good life he would not want to change it if he could go back. He has advice to others he said to be “100% on every thing you do and be kind to others.” He also said to be “well mannered and do a very good job at everything you do.
             My dad had so many obstacles in his life. One of his obstacles is getting good grades, he had teachers help him a lot so he can do a good job getting good grades. School was another obstical, school was kind of hard for him he was not a A-student. Then last, money, he had to work for money to get what he wants. So his dad bought him a riding lawn mower and then my dad rode around and mowed yards to make money.

            My dad inspires me because he tried very hard and had so much fun when he was a kid. He worked hard, made money from working, and tried hard in school. When I think of my dad I think of him being very funny, fun, loving, awesome, and my dad.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hawaii Honolulu

Think about laying in bed or sitting in a chair outside at your 5 star hotel with a beautiful view and hearing the waves splashing on the beach. Well you can at Honolulu in Hawaii. You can do all sorts of stuff like walking on the beach, hiking a volcano, and going to a luau. In this travel brochure I will be talking about them.           

            One of so many beaches that are in Honolulu that I will be talking about is Kuhio Beach. You can do so many things at the beach like walking on the soft white sand and looking for sea shells. You can build a sand castle too. It has protected swimming so you do not need to be scared of being eaten by a shark. You can enjoy a canoe ride on the crystal clear water. There are restrooms if needed and out door showers if you need a quick rinse. If you get hungry you could go to the snack bar. There are surfboard lockers to keep your surfboard safe. You can go to a beach gear rental stand if you need any gear for snorkeling and swimming or whatever you want to do. If you want to have fun at night there will be a music show with a nice sunset in the back.
            There is one cool thing you can do in Honolulu is to hike a volcano. The volcano is called Diamond Head. It came from a 19th century British sailor. If you wanted to hike the volcano you could you would have so much fun and you would be tired when you get to the top because the height is 762 feet into the Honolulu sky.  The crater is 3,520 feet in diameter and 350 acres of space. The volcano is near Waikiki beach and you can see every thing that is going on at the beach. When you are at the top of the volcano the view is very majestic it is so beautiful you would want to stay there for ever. You can walk inside the wall of the volcano.
            At the end of your vacation you can go have fun at a luau. There is live Hawaiian music and entertainment. The entertainment is the guys dancing with the torches and the girls dancing. Everybody is in a festive mood. You can even stroll through the Hawaiian village. I bet you would not be bored but if you are you can play Hawaiian games. There is so much food that is very good and that will fill you up so you could not even move. But you would be able to because you would be having so much fun. There are flowers everywhere. If you go to sit on the beach or at the luau there is a beautiful sunset backdrop. There are so many things to do at a luau I bet you would have fun.
            So come on down to Honolulu you will have so much fun and have time to relax on the beach. If you ever want to go to the beach, hike a volcano, or even go to a luau Honolulu is the best place to go.


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